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Tangier Restaurant – Downtown PDX

Last Friday, we had a group lunch to welcome a new team member at my work place. Someone threw the name Tangier as an idea and thank God, it was a good choice all the way.

Tangier Restaurant in Portland Downtown
Tangier Restaurant in Portland Downtown

Located in the heart of Portland downtown near the water-front, Tangier is a Moroccan/Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern restaurant. It’s a medium size place with warm and relaxed environment. We arrived there a little before noon. I guess lunch is very busy here. It took a while for the waiter to give us water, menu, and finally get our orders. Their customer service is fantastic and the waiter kept apologizing for the delay.

Inside Tangier, a Moroccan Restaurant in Portland Downtown
Inside Tangier, a Moroccan Restaurant in Portland Downtown

But it was all worth it when we got our food…it was so dorn good. The new employee ordered a mashed egg-plant dip (not baba ganoush) with a big circle bread as an appetizer for us all. When I see vege dip like that, a fear crawls up that will it be too garlicky or too herby. But this was a very well-balanced and well-spiced egg-plant dip that tasted fresh and tasty with the warm bread.

My Lamb Tagine in Inside Tangier, Portland
My Lamb Tagine in Inside Tangier, Portland

When I ordered my lamb tagine (they also have salmon tagine, but waiter suggested lamb is better), I visioned my dish would be served in a tagine (like the way I was served in Marrakesh). Not the decoration of the plate, but not getting my lamb inside a tagine did disappoint me a bit, but my first bite in that tender lamb chop was a heaven. I usually don’t eat lamb, except only for lamb gyro, but I would go back there to have that slow-cooked lamb with rice and egg-plant again. Maybe a small portion of tzatziki sauce would have made that dish even better. I think four other of my co-workers liked their dishes too…at least they licked their plates clean. One ordered a mezza platter, another one an artichoke soup, and I think another one was with lamb too. We also ordered some Moroccan hot mint tea and Turkish coffee.

One of my co-worker's vegetable mezza platter in Tangier

Their menu has a wide variety of options from Moroccan dishes to Lebanese to traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern plates. This is a great place If you are a vegetarian or a vegan or a meat-lover…you will get many options from soup/stew, salad, appetizers, sandwich, platters, pizza, kababs/koftas, and other traditional Moroccan plates.

Be prepare for some street parking or garages when coming to Tangier. It is a perfect place to bring a small group for lunch or dinner…for a nice family dinner on a Saturday night or to celebrate a special occasion with few people. Looks like weekdays during lunch is busy but the restaurant does take reservation. I thought, the price was very reasonable too. I would absolutely bring some of my family members or friends to introduce them to this place.

Baba’s Mediterranean Grill

This is what I was missing in my life…a gyro place where I can have my gyro the way I want it. Baba’s Mediterranean Grill is kind of like Subway or Chipotle, but the gyro version.

Baba's Mediterranean Grill in Portland, OR
Baba’s Mediterranean Grill in Portland, OR

My sister, my nephew and I went to Baba’s near Portland Ikea couple weeks ago. It’s  a quick and fast Mediterranean place with both meat and vegetarian options. You can get chicken, beef, lamb, and falafel in a pita bread or in a bowl of rice. After choosing your meat and dish, you can choose your own sauce and veges, exactly the way you want your platter to be. My sister had chicken rice bowl and I had lamb/beef shawarma in a pocket pita bread. While my shawarma was good, it did have a very slight smell lamb. Which I don’t think I ever got from a lamb and beef shawarma.

Chicken rice bowl at Baba's
Chicken rice bowl at Baba’s

Baba’s Mediterranean Grill serves meats without fillers, preservatives, or additives. They have a decent varieties of gluten-free or vegan options for reasonable prices. Now, the big question is would I ever go back to Baba’s again? Hmm, yes…maybe, when I want a gyro my way. But then again, I think there are other Mediterranean grills where I can get better quality gyros, even if I can’t pick my own sauce and veges.

Lamb and beef shawarma at Baba's
Lamb and beef shawarma at Baba’s