Dutch Bros. Coffee

My 12-years old baby girl has been obsessed with Dutch Bros. for quite a while now. That means she won’t fail to request to go to Dutch Bros. for her favorite drink every time we are out. And now she got me hooked to this on-the-go coffee franchise.

Dutch Bros. Coffee near PDX Airport

Dutch Bros. is our Oregon’s very own trendy drive through coffee shop chain which is spreading out to Washington and other states too. But wait, other than coffee, they also have smoothies, Dutch sodas, frosts, infused teas, cold brews, and etc. Sometimes the drive-ins of Dutch Bros. in some locations are so freakishly jammed that it’s better to hop out of the car and order from their little windows. Oh, and did I mention most of the Dutch Bros. locations are open 24 hours?

Inside Dutch Bros. near PDX Airport
Inside Dutch Bros. near PDX Airport

Last weekend, we finally discovered a Dutch Bros. location that was not only a drive through. We could go inside and could sit down. This particular one was near the PDX International Airport. But later we found out that there are more than one spot for these sit down Dutch Bros.

My daughter, the one who is a big fan of this place, decided to get her favorite drink “Dinosaur Egg”. It has the flavor of blue raspberry and  strawberry with chocolate and almond drizzle. Her friend and I got “Shark Attack Rebel”…with blue raspberry, lime, coconut and pomegranate. And finally my little one got “Palm Beach Lemonade” which is a pomegranate and peach drink. Yes, none of us actually ordered any coffee or latte or mocha. But you have to understand, it was close to 95 degrees outside and we needed something fruity, refreshing, and sweet.

Our drinks at Dutch Bros.
Our drinks at Dutch Bros.

But I’m not worried, because I know I’ll be taking my kids and myself to Dutch Bros a million more times and next time I will remember to try their hot beverages.

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